Finally! A proven framework to nail your niche, master your message & attract ideal clients with ease in as little as 30 days (even if you don’t feel like an expert)

You’re an early-stage entrepreneur bursting at the seams to work in your zone of passion and make a bigger contribution in the world

You’ve been told you need a clearly defined niche if you want consistent paying clients on repeat

But you have no clue where to start, or what niche to choose 

And you’re afraid you’ll miss out on potential clients if you’re too specific 

But you do see the possibilities that come with knowing who on earth you’re talking to (instead of feeling like everything is totally random in your quest for clients)

So you try putting out ‘good vibes’ to the Universe

You try posting inspirational quotes on social media, (spending hours tinkering around with the right image and font), hoping ideal clients will somehow flock your way 

You even try networking (carrying ‘official looking business cards’ and everything) 

But instead of the sound of clients scheduling calls in your online booking system all you hear are crickets...

No-one is knocking down the door to work with you

In fact, no-one really gets what it is you do (because let’s face it, neither do you)

You try to nail your ‘elevator pitch’ but only get polite, blank stares in response while you quietly cringe inside

You just want to know how everyone else has cracked the 'getting clients' code

But here's the great news!

I have developed a proven system that takes away the confusion of knowing who you’re speaking to and what you offer




If we haven’t met, I’m Holly and I’m all about making things feel aligned, effortless and fun (it’s really the only way I can run my multi six figure business one handed around my babies)

I’m a Sales and Messaging Coach, Professional Certified Coach and Certified Master Persuader

I have a decade of experience working as a marketing strategist for global brands at corporations like Unilever and Procter & Gamble where I led the strategy for a $200 million dollar portfolio 

Today I help service-based entrepreneurs to own their brilliance, nail their positioning and master their messaging so they can be seen as the no-brainer choice for their ideal clients and get paid what they deserve to do what they love

My clients have been able to double their prices, quadruple their monthly targets, grow their businesses +50% during Covid, sell out their first launches and 10x their quarterly revenue using the strategies I teach

"I landed a $20k client just 8 weeks after quitting my job"
"I had a vision to support businesses to improve accessibility to those with a disability but had no idea how to make it all happen. With Holly's help, everything just fell into place as I knew exactly who to target, how to put myself in front of my ideal audience and what to say to bring them on board. I just celebrating my FIRST client with a $20k contract!"

Sarah O'Mara
Occupational Health Therapist
“Working with Holly was the best investment I ever made in myself and my business"
"Prior to working with Holly I’d discount in order to win the work, but Holly helped me shift my mindset and confidently charge what I am worth. During my time working with Holly I doubled my prices, quadrupled my monthly income, and have taken my business to the next level by offering additional services to clients and expanded my team".
Jennifer Schmidt
Brand Stylist & Photographer

I know what you’re thinking...

Or maybe you're thinking...

Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before...

"Within one month of working with Holly I was already experiencing amazing results"
I used to dread being asked: “So what do you do?” As a multi-passionate person, I struggled to narrow down what I did to just one thing and had no idea about my niche. Holly showed me how to share my message in a way that felt authentic to me. Now I feel confident actively seeking new clients instead of procrastinating over what to say. Holly has the tools you need and will guide you in the direction that’s authentic for you. I’m so glad I invested in myself and my business. It’s been a life-changing experience.

Melanie Campbell
"I had ideas on the backburner for 14 I've created my dream career and lifestyle and tripled my annual income"
“When I first met Holly I was stuck at a crossroads wondering what to do next. I had spent years in large organisations trying to break the glass ceiling and had dreamed of starting my own business but had no idea how. With Holly’s help I have been able to start a digital marketing business that means I can work from anywhere and spend time with my family. I have tripled my annual income and am working with global brands as my clients. Holly’s support has helped me learn how to communicate and promote myself even though I am a huge introvert! Thank you Holly”.
Anne-Lee Archer
Digital Marketing Strategist


this game-changing system?

Module 01

You + Your Magnetic Triggers

(Value $97)

Module 02

Breadth + Depth

(Value $97)

Module 03

WHO: Pain + Desire Triggers

(Value $97)

Module 04

The Gap-Fill Connector

(Value $97)


Bonus Goodies

(Value $468)

Plus, as an extra special bonus...

Right now the Nail Your Niche Masterclass also includes access to a private members Facebook group where you can connect with fellow bootcampers and receive support and feedback as you go across the 35 days
(Value $500)

Let’s be real – the value of this is huge!

This is the gateway to you attracting ideal clients and earning more income.

Good thing is I am not charging you $2,000 (not even a quarter of this)  

And still giving you 10X
more value, more impact, more results

The total value of Nail Your Niche Masterclass and Bonus Goodies is over $1450,
but you can get all of this for just $147USD

"Holly is just amazing - seriously, this woman works magic!"
"Before working with Holly I was lost and confused as to where I was headed. I had been in a job for 10 years which wasn’t my passion, but I felt trapped by personal circumstances such as being a single Mum in debt and having to work a waitressing job to make ends meet. Now I have my own Virtual Assistant business and was able to quit BOTH jobs AND replace my corporate salary - all in the space of eight months! Today I have a business that allows me the freedom to look after my son, and for the first time in ages I'm excited about my future."
Nair Bonito
Virtual Assistant
"Four weeks into coaching with Holly and I'm blitzing it!"
Secured my first paying client, lined up four meetings with potential clients in the space of one hour and now have a clear direction on who I serve, what my business offering is and how I plan to go about making a profitable, enjoyable business. Holly has held me accountable in a nurturing space to take the necessary steps that I wouldn’t have taken on my own.


Julie Swan
Success Coach



This is a self-study course that you will access via Kartra to go through at your own pace.

THIS PROGRAM WAS MADE FOR YOU. This program is perfect as it is designed to support you to get crystal clear clarity around who you are targeting, what you offer and how you describe it, so that you can laser focus all efforts (and investments). Without this clarity we often end up wasting time and money. 

If you are not consistently attracting ideal clients then it is most likely due to a targeting and positioning issue. Every business evolves over time and this masterclass will support you to refine and laser-focus your niche to amplify your authority and your ability to stand apart from your competition. The RapidFireResearchMethod alone is worth the investment as it will equip you with research tools and strategies that every business needs to continually understand their audience and have the highest relevancy of offers and messaging. 

This will of course depend on how much time you have available, however the huge advantage of getting clear on your niche from the outset is that it will inform all of your research, pro-bono coaching sessions, business and marketing plans. It will help ensure that everything within your studies is laser focussed and fully relevant.

We recommend approx. 2 hours per week so that you can get the best results within the 35 day timeframe. The video tutorials average 25 minutes in length, so are easy to digest. The workbooks have been intentionally designed to help you implement everything right away. PLUS there are a ton of swipe files and templates to make life easy and get moving right away. As with anything, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out and the faster your results!

The challenge is designed to be laser-focussed with specific step by step actions – no farting around wondering what to do, when 🙂 The content is short, punchy videos with a ton of done-for-you and done-with you materials to support you implementing. Regardless, you will have lifetime access to the course content, so you can dip in and out of the material as needed, and join a future challenge instead.

The masterclass is currently only available as a self study course.  

You can simply drop an email to [email protected] where the team will be happy to assist.


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