Magnetic Selling System

Mentorship Application

Curious to explore the options for working together to create more effortless, no-brainer sales in your business?

What if I told you there’s a way to attract pre-sold eager to invest clients by building a magnetic field around your brand, no matter what stage of business you are in? 


Magnetic Selling System

The first of it’s kind sales & messaging system fully customised to your unique needs & stage of business.

Apply below to help me assess which one of the 3 Magnetic Selling System Levels is most suitable for you based on your business goals and stage.

I don’t believe in any “one size fits all” approaches and that’s why I’ve created this simple application system that will help identify the right support for you, so make sure to fill it out!

“Holly literally helped me 10x my sales and bank a $80,000 month, which led to a multi six figure year after only starting my business 12 months before. Working with her was the single biggest factor in my business growth this year and I don’t often ‘recommend’ people this strongly but she is just literally phenomenal. I wish I'd worked with her it sooner because the difference has been life changing”
Amanda Heath
Artist & Business Coach
“Holly is a master at helping you identify specifically who your ideal clients are and how to communicate with them. While most people contracted during the Pandemic, we grew our revenue +50% during Covid despite targeting bricks and mortar businesses.”

Jay La Guardia
Consultant & Podcast Host
“Holly is a master at helping you identify specifically who your ideal clients are and how to communicate with them. While most people contracted during the Pandemic, we grew our revenue +50% during Covid despite targeting bricks and mortar businesses.”
Jay La Guardia
Consultant & Podcast Host
“I’ve built a multi 7 figure per year business as a dating and relationship coach business but never have I hired a coach who has been so educational and needle moving in the skills they have taught me.

I love working with Holly!
She’s so present, so supportive and amazing at what she does!”
Sami Wunder
Dating & Relationship Coach
“If you’re looking for an expert on sales and messaging, look no further than Holly MacCue.

She’s exceptional at creating relevancy in messaging (one of the best I’ve seen, and I don’t give personal endorsements very often).”

Scott Oldford
8 figure business mentor
“If you’re looking for an expert on sales and messaging, look no further than Holly MacCue.

She’s exceptional at creating relevancy in messaging (one of the best I’ve seen, and I don’t give personal endorsements very often).”
Scott Oldford
8 figure business mentor
“I brought in $35k from one masterclass.

Holly is a master in this space; she really gets it and helps you align with who it is you are with what will resonate with your audience”
Tim Hayes
Conscious Business Coach
“I’m consistently attracting ideal, paying clients leading to my biggest cash months EVER. And I became an international speaker at Manchester United Stadium!

I had been following Holly for quite some time before I reached out to work 1:1 with her, as she came highly recommended by several other coaches.

Holly is truly amazing and has a gift! She helped me fine tuning my messaging and nail my niche.

Since working with Holly, I have become crystal clear on my messaging and have been CONSISTENTLY attracting clients into my coaching programs (including 5 x 1-1 clients in 1 week this month).

Holly is a leading expert in her field and has allowed the expert in me to shine! I highly recommend her”
Cheryl Kasper
Success Coach, Therapist & Spiritual Healer
“I just celebrated a $20k month and the best part is, it was easy and fun. Holly helped me get clear on my messaging, who I'm helping and then guided me to create packages for the clients I was calling in so that sales became a no brainer yes.

I'd tried many biz coaches before and none have helped with the clarity I needed like Holly has.

Holly has THE BEST sense of humour. Tough love when you need it and loving kindness all the way. AND her methods work. She's as authentic as they come.”
Amanda Ewin
Lifestyle Coach
“I’m at the point where I’m getting too many enquiries to cope with and I’ve had my first 5 figure month I've always known my worth but getting clients to see the value was something that I found awkward and tricky.

The things I learned during the Magnetic Sales program with Holly's help and guidance, have helped me grow my business even during the global pandemic.

I can highly recommend Holly if you're looking for hands on help and attention to detail.”
Jess Homer
Interior Designer & Property Renovation Mentor
“In literally 2 weeks I paid off my investment in Magnetic Selling (quickly and easily)!”

I joined Holly’s program because I needed help to nail down my niche - I had a successful business for 27 years but I still felt like a best-kept secret because I didn’t have messaging that resonated with my audience

Thanks to Magnetic Selling, I’ve finally learned how to make it easy for people to buy from me - I just celebrated a multiple 5 figure launch and have more people than ever lining up asking how to work with me!

I cannot recommend Holly enough - she is an absolute wizard at messaging and really helps you figure out how to talk to your people”
Sonia Miller
Personal Fulfilment and Empowerment Coach
“I've seen a 4 x increase in aligned, pre-qualified clients signing up to work with me.

Before starting Magnetic Selling I was swimming in a vortex of too much information that I couldn’t really make work for me, and my business was totally reliant on referrals.

Now I’m getting complete strangers who are 100% aligned booking sales calls with me which had never happened before.

Magnetic Selling felt like a weighted blanket to my stressed marketing and messaging life! Holly is extremely talented and has an incredible knack for “WORD MAGIC.” She’s open, honest, kind and genuine, and has a fantastic ability to cut through confusion and get straight to the heart of the matter.

I now have all the tools I need to have the biggest impact on my community which feels like a relief.

If you really want to feel confident with who you’re speaking to, what and how to say it you don’t need to look anywhere else.

It’s a roller coaster because you’ll evolve so much over the six months. But you will be DEEPLY SUPPORTED and you will come out the other side with a stronger business.”
Katie Bateman
Human Design Coach
“I banked $7k in one week with no social media presence.   Signing up with Holly has been the best business decision that I have made.”

Laura Chappell
Youth Coach
“When I first started working with Holly my business had all but closed due to Covid…now I’ve increased my revenue by +1000% and my profit margins have never looked this good”

Heidi Young
Child Allergy Specialist
“I’ve had my biggest month ever in my business.   The group is so inspiring, I love the support of the community and the live calls have been instrumental - there is always something new I can implement into my business ”
Nicole Davidson
Online Marketing Mentor
“I made $15k from a tiny list of 60 people. Holly is the best business coach I have ever worked with - thanks to her strategies I am closing sales calls up to 100% and am booked out up to 6 weeks in advance - It's crazy”

Jade Rice
Paediatric Sleep Consultant
“I have fallen in love with my business again.

I was desperate and on the point of giving up in my business after struggling to attract the right people; grossly under-charging, and it was all starting to feel like a slog when a friend recommended Holly.

I jumped into Magnetic Selling and it has been the most incredible experience - I have never felt so supported and empowered.

Holly is honestly the most knowledgeable coach I have ever encountered.
  She breaks everything down into super digestible steps that you can implement and the individualised support is just incredible.

I launched a new offer and have had 18 sign ups with ease, have massively increased my prices,   been featured on a number of podcasts, and now am getting an incredible amount of DMs and enquiries to work with me.

If you’re considering working with Holly - just do it! You won’t regret it.”
Jana Barrett
Fitness & Movement Coach
“Marketing became fun and easy and I've been able to secure $10k+ months over and over!”

My initial anxiety in joining Magnetic Selling was not making back what I invested, but when this comes up I know it is actually about me taking action and trusting in myself.

I've seen an increase in the ease I feel in making a sale and in sharing what I do. I really like that as it is lower stress with higher return.

I’ve enjoyed the support, care, and the indepth knowledge. I appreciate the level of involvement Holly and her team have with the students and their willingness to support and guide their students.

Holly is attentive, involved, and passionate about helping you succeed
Marshall Burtcher
Marshall Burtcher
Co-Dependency Healer
"Holly showed me how to tweak my Call to Action and I got 6 DMs from one post leading to 4 x 1-1 sales!"
Emma Mason
Leadership Coach
“I've launched a profitable business in literally four months with consistent enquiries, and I'm signing more clients every single month with higher profits every month.

Working with Holly is invaluable; most coaches are just scratching the surface but Holly has equipped me more than I could ever have imagined.

She shows you not just how to have a successful business, but how to create one that allows you to do the work that you’re actually passionate about, which is the whole point!”
Alexa Martinez
Business Coach
Holly is really different to other coaches because she genuinely really cares about you and your business on an individual level. With all the other courses I’ve done I’ve always felt like I’m just another signup, but Holly always has time for you.

Magnetic Selling gives you everything that you need to put things in action and basically, you can’t fail like (unless you just don’t log in)!

The program is perfect because it gives the step by step of actually how to take the ideas in your head and make them into something you can launch and get paying clients all while giving you encouragement and giving you a little kick at the butt in other times when you really need it!

The whole community is really involved and invested in your success which is just amazing and I feel so confident and good about selling now which is just amazing!”
Indiana Christofferson
Money Mindset Coach
“I went from confused, lacking clarity and not showing up consistently to falling in love with my business again, connecting with hundreds of ideal clients (sometimes on a daily basis) and hitting my first $20k month.

The work I did with Holly was at a completely different level. I'd spent lots of money and a lot of time with other coaches trying to get clarity around my niche and messaging but hadn't succeeded.

Holly helped me to pull out the really core, important messages to resonate with my ideal clients and my audience. And she helped me create these amazing elevator pitches and my signature program, as well as clarify my niche.

You don't have anything to lose by signing up and working with Holly. She's got these incredible tools. She's a lovely down-to-earth person, she's really driven and she provides support and follow up and I think that's missing from a lot of other coaches.”
Sam Ferres
Confidence Coach & RTT Therapist
“One of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business”

I joined Magnetic Selling because a client of mine raved about Holly (she wasn’t wrong)! And because I wanted to grow a business that didn’t rely so heavily on referrals

In just 8 weeks of implementing changes to my content following Holly’s teachings I saw over 600% increase in engagement and reach which has since translated into sales from new, ideal clients who didn’t know me before - so exciting!

I can’t praise Holly highly enough - she over-delivers against my expectations at every step - the calls, the energy, the teachings are so clear and super digestible

The community is amazing - such an awesome group of people and a really great, cheerleading vibe

Holly and her team have thought through every aspect of the customer journey and it is an absolute joy working with her

If you’re thinking of working with her - JUMP at the chance”
Emily Dolton
Facebook Ads Strategist
“For the first time in the 4 years since starting my business, I am receiving DMs from soul aligned clients wanting to work with me, as well as multiple speaking opportunities.

Holly guided me to own my new niche and message and be laser focused while still honouring my multi-passionate brain (and heart!)

I love her approach in making your content so clear and aligned that your ideal clients come to you asking how to work with you. I really consider meeting her and working with her a blessing”
Houda AzzaOui
Money Harmoney Coach
“After working with Holly I understood why I’d had challenges selling my high ticket offer in the past.

Once I applied what I’d learned and relaunched it I sold 2 immediately without even publicly sharing it!

Whenever I lose track of what I need to do in order to grow my business, I come back to the principles I learnt from Holly and it immediately gives me an effective framework where I can show up authentically. I'm now clear on what the different pieces are of the sales jigsaw and no longer “post and hope”

Helen Hardware
Spiritual Coach & Hypnotherapist
“I was able to sell out 2 offers without even publicly launching.

Holly taught me how to be really specific in my messaging and therefore magnetic to my ideal audience

I love the community - we all support each other and it’s great to have an accountability partner - Magnetic Selling is absolutely FANTASTIC - thank you Holly!”
Kath McIntyre
Video Strategist
“I now have people regularly signing up to my programs without even having to do sales calls.

Before working with Holly, I lacked confidence in myself and as a result this showed up in my marketing & online presence. I was struggling to narrow down my area of expertise, trying to market to everyone and anyone, and lacked systems and structure.

Thanks to Magnetic Selling I’ve been able to come up with clear messaging and marketing that feels good and resonates so well with prospects.

It’s such a breath of fresh air to feel empowered that I can run my business in a way that feels good to me especially as a busy Mum of 3.

The connections I’ve made within this group have been incredible.”
Sarah Moss
Holistic Health Coach
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