Magnetise dream clients direct to your inbox and create authentic, sign-up-in-a-heartbeat sales that monetise your brilliance while you serve the world

Magnetise dream clients direct to your inbox and create authentic, sign-up-in-a-heartbeat sales that monetise your brilliance while you serve the world

You know you get amazing results for clients…

but maybe you struggle to describe the value of your endless multi-passionate skills in a way that your ideal audience understands in a heartbeat

Maybe you’re wildly over-qualified yet still find yourself discounting to win work,

(or over-delivering because you’re not sure how to position high ticket offers with confidence)

Maybe your business is totally reliant on referrals and you’d love a way to expand and scale

(without your lead gen feeling quite so random)

Maybe the very idea of selling makes you feel awkward and icky,

and you’d love to know how to move a call from pleasant chit-chat to asking for the sale (without feeling like a pushy idiot)

“Holly literally helped me 10x my sales and bank a $80,000 month. Working with her was the single biggest factor in my business growth this year and I don’t often ‘recommend’ people this strongly but she is just literally phenomenal. I wish I'd worked with her it sooner because the difference has been life changing”
Amanda Heath
Artist & Business Coach
“Holly is a master at helping you identify specifically who your ideal clients are and how to communicate with them. While most people contracted during the Pandemic, we grew our revenue +50% during Covid despite targeting bricks and mortar businesses.”

Jay La Guardia
Consultant & Podcast Host

Knowing how to sell is THE most important skill set in business.

The challenge is the online space is filled with bro-marketers preaching and teaching nonsense like this

“If you don’t remortgage your house to invest in this opportunity then you just don’t believe in yourself enough”

“Don’t leave a sales call without getting their credit card details”

“Too bad you’re saying no to this now as you’ll be banned from applying for this program for another year”

And quite frankly, you don’t want ANY part of it.

You crave a way to sell that feels good on both sides
(without spammy tactics, cold DMs or feeling like a stalker)

Well here’s the fabulous news that so many overlook-


The issue is, that when the value is unclear the price is always too high

And so many online business owners are missing out on sales daily because they are not positioning their offers in a way that makes them a no-brainer YES for their ideal clients

Which is why so many resort to convincing, persuading or downright coercing people to buy from them

…You attract ready to invest, ideal clients direct to your inbox asking how THEY can work with YOU

Ready for selling to feel effortless, aligned and even fun?!

If we haven’t met yet,

Hey, I'm Holly

I’m a Sales and Messaging Strategist for service-based entrepreneurs running a multi-six figure business one-handed around a 3 and 5 year old.

I’m a Professional Certified Coach with a decade of experience working as a marketing strategist for global brands at corporations like Unilever and Procter & Gamble where I led the strategy for a $200 million dollar portfolio.

Today I help service-based entrepreneurs to own their brilliance, nail their positioning and master their messaging so they can be seen as the no-brainer choice for their ideal clients and attract ready to buy, ideal clients.

My clients have been able to double their prices, quadruple their monthly targets, grow to multiple six figures in 12 months, sell out their first launches and 10x their quarterly revenue using the strategies I teach.

All without fancy funnels, paid ads or a big online following

(After all, I don’t have any of those things either)

Yet I’ve made over 7 figures of sales in a part time business without any fuss or frills
simply because I’ve mastered the art and science of selling in a way that feels good

And these are the exact same strategies working for my clients

“I’m at the point where I’m getting too many enquiries to cope with and I’ve had my first 5 figure month I've always known my worth but getting clients to see the value was something that I found awkward and tricky.

The things I learned during the Magnetic Sales program with Holly's help and guidance, have helped me grow my business even during the global pandemic.

I can highly recommend Holly if you're looking for hands on help and attention to detail.”
Jess Homer
Interior Designer & Property Renovation Mentor
“I just celebrated a $20k month and the best part is, it was easy and fun. Holly helped me get clear on my messaging, who I'm helping and then guided me to create packages for the clients I was calling in so that sales became a no brainer yes.

I'd tried many biz coaches before and none have helped with the clarity I needed like Holly has.

Holly has THE BEST sense of humour. Tough love when you need it and loving kindness all the way. AND her methods work. She's as authentic as they come.”
Amanda Ewin
Lifestyle Coach
“In literally 2 weeks I paid off my investment in Magnetic Selling (quickly and easily)!”

I joined Holly’s program because I needed help to nail down my niche - I had a successful business for 27 years but I still felt like a best-kept secret because I didn’t have messaging that resonated with my audience

Thanks to Magnetic Selling, I’ve finally learned how to make it easy for people to buy from me - I just celebrated a multiple 5 figure launch and have more people than ever lining up asking how to work with me!

I cannot recommend Holly enough - she is an absolute wizard at messaging and really helps you figure out how to talk to your people”
Sonia Miller
Personal Fulfilment and Empowerment Coach

So what if...

You could access the little-known buyer psychology secrets behind irresistible offers and magnetic messaging that lead to ideal clients selling themselves into your programs (& thanking you for the opportunity?

You could confidently and clearly communicate your value to the world in a way that gets an immediate “tell me more” response

You were genuinely excited to get on sales calls because you knew an authentic, proven approach that leads to a sign-up-in-a-heartbeat yes from a place of complete integrity?

You could raise your prices and charge your worth without anyone even blinking?

You never wasted your time on sales calls with people who just want to pick your brain, are not the right fit or who have no immediate plan to invest

You could confidently shift from teaching to pitching no matter what platform you’re promoting on (podcast, social media post, speaking gig or DM) to monetise your visibility

“I banked $7k in one week with no social media presence.   Signing up with Holly has been the best business decision that I have made.”

Laura Chappell
Youth Coach
“When I first started working with Holly my business had all but closed due to Covid…now I’ve increased my revenue by +1000% and my profit margins have never looked this good”

Heidi Young
Child Allergy Specialist
“I’ve had my biggest month ever in my business.   The group is so inspiring, I love the support of the community and the live calls have been instrumental - there is always something new I can implement into my business ”
Nicole Davidson
Online Marketing Mentor
“I made $15k from a tiny list of 60 people. Holly is the best business coach I have ever worked with - thanks to her strategies I am closing sales calls up to 100% and am booked out up to 6 weeks in advance - It's crazy”

Jade Rice
Paediatric Sleep Consultant

I’m not interested in teaching you
“the latest social media fad"

I care about empowering you with a skill-set that will serve you long-term in life and business so you can outlast any trend

Because when you can truly master the art and science of authentic, effortless sales

you will always be able to monetise your brilliance in a way that feels good and genuinely serves your audience

Because the way to consistent sales is through both:


The Art of expressing your unique brilliance through your voice, your brand and your message and creating a stand-out point of difference that makes your competition irrelevant


The Science of human behaviour, which means we create strategies grounded in an evidence-based, proven approach

“I've seen a 4 x increase in aligned, pre-qualified clients signing up to work with me.

Before starting Magnetic Selling I was swimming in a vortex of too much information that I couldn’t really make work for me, and my business was totally reliant on referrals.

Now I’m getting complete strangers who are 100% aligned booking sales calls with me which had never happened before.

Magnetic Selling felt like a weighted blanket to my stressed marketing and messaging life! Holly is extremely talented and has an incredible knack for “WORD MAGIC.” She’s open, honest, kind and genuine, and has a fantastic ability to cut through confusion and get straight to the heart of the matter.

I now have all the tools I need to have the biggest impact on my community which feels like a relief.

If you really want to feel confident with who you’re speaking to, what and how to say it you don’t need to look anywhere else.

It’s a roller coaster because you’ll evolve so much over the six months. But you will be DEEPLY SUPPORTED and you will come out the other side with a stronger business.”
Katie Bateman
Human Design Coach




A 6 month, high touch program for service-based entrepreneurs who desire to sell with confidence and authenticity whilst creating a positive ripple effect in the world

In this live, results-focussed program you’ll learn the game-changing strategies based on  science-backed, buyer psychology secrets that lead to effortless, win-win sales and which 99% of your competition know nothing about

The problem with most “sales skills” programs is that they only focus on the sales call itself… 

Whilst forgetting that the only way to a sign-up-in-a-heartbeat YES is through getting the buy-in before the pitch

So that rather than persuading or convincing people to buy on the spot (and it feeling like a negotiation)

You’re simply having a conversation with ideal clients who have already decided they want to work with you


This doesn’t happen by luck; but by design 

And that’s why in Magnetic Selling I teach the 4 Pillars that are essential to creating no-brainer sales from ideal clients ready to invest

Here’s exactly what we cover:

Pillar #1


Pillar #2


Pillar #3


Pillar #4



You’ll also get Bonus Access to my hugely popular program, Visibility Bootcamp (Valued at $1500) to support you with practical, proven strategies to build an audience of ideal, ready to buy clients who see you as the industry go-to

Dream clients can’t show up in the DMs if they aren’t aware you exist. I’ll show you simple, powerful and immediate ways to ramp up your visibility so you can land media wins, speaking opportunities and shift complete strangers into sign-up-in-a-heartbeat buyers!

Module 1

How to Craft Your Expert Topics and Create Limitless Pitch Ideas to Land Media Exposure

Module 2

The WHO-KNOWS-WHO Strategy - Reach new audiences without paid ads to expand your networks overnight and attract dream clients

Module 3

Create Your Magnetic Content Strategy Discover the 6 content pillars that help you be seen as an authority and create a strategy for the next 90 days with my done-with-you Trello board

Module 4

How to Make Your Content Magnetic Learn the art and science of what it takes to stop the scroll, hold attention and shift your followers from passive lurkers into buyers

Module 5

Magnetic Storytelling Discover the must-haves of a story that sells, and where to start with crafting your signature talk

Module 6

Magnetic Live Launch Secrets to Sell-Out How to deliver live events that position you as the expert AND make you sales (plus steal my Magnetic Webinar Template)

“I have fallen in love with my business again.

I was desperate and on the point of giving up in my business after struggling to attract the right people; grossly under-charging, and it was all starting to feel like a slog when a friend recommended Holly.

I jumped into Magnetic Selling and it has been the most incredible experience - I have never felt so supported and empowered.

Holly is honestly the most knowledgeable coach I have ever encountered.
  She breaks everything down into super digestible steps that you can implement and the individualised support is just incredible.

I launched a new offer and have had 18 sign ups with ease, have massively increased my prices,   been featured on a number of podcasts, and now am getting an incredible amount of DMs and enquiries to work with me.

If you’re considering working with Holly - just do it! You won’t regret it.”
Jana Barrett
Fitness & Movement Coach


Hands on accountability, direction and guidance with me to help you put these strategies into practice right away and fast track your results

Unlike other programs where you’re left to wade through mountains of content with no personalised support, (or have little to no access to the actual coach you signed up to work with in the first place), I will be there to guide you step by step to putting all of this into practice

Live Q&As with Holly

You’ll access live group Q&A calls with Holly for personalised support, direction, trouble-shooting and shared inspiration - no figuring it out by yourself!

24/7 Access to a Private Members Facebook Group

to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs going through the program, where you can post questions and wins and receive accountability throughout the 6 months

Done-For-You and Done-With-You Resources

saving you hours of hard work and starting from scratch; including worksheets, cheatsheets, checklists, scripts, case studies and templates so there is no time wasted or lack of clarity around how to move forwards

Monthly Challenges in the Private Members Group hosted by Holly

These will keep you motivated, on track and focussed to ensure you’re implementing the strategies and celebrating results throughout the program

“Marketing became fun and easy and I've been able to secure $10k+ months over and over!”

My initial anxiety in joining Magnetic Selling was not making back what I invested, but when this comes up I know it is actually about me taking action and trusting in myself.

I've seen an increase in the ease I feel in making a sale and in sharing what I do. I really like that as it is lower stress with higher return.

I’ve enjoyed the support, care, and the indepth knowledge. I appreciate the level of involvement Holly and her team have with the students and their willingness to support and guide their students.

Holly is attentive, involved, and passionate about helping you succeed
Marshall Burtcher
Marshall Burtcher
Co-Dependency Healer
“I've launched a profitable business in literally four months with consistent enquiries, and I'm signing more clients every single month with higher profits every month.

Working with Holly is invaluable; most coaches are just scratching the surface but Holly has equipped me more than I could ever have imagined.

She shows you not just how to have a successful business, but how to create one that allows you to do the work that you’re actually passionate about, which is the whole point!”
Alexa Martinez
Business Coach
Holly is really different to other coaches because she genuinely really cares about you and your business on an individual level. With all the other courses I’ve done I’ve always felt like I’m just another signup, but Holly always has time for you.

Magnetic Selling gives you everything that you need to put things in action and basically, you can’t fail like (unless you just don’t log in)!

The program is perfect because it gives the step by step of actually how to take the ideas in your head and make them into something you can launch and get paying clients all while giving you encouragement and giving you a little kick at the butt in other times when you really need it!

The whole community is really involved and invested in your success which is just amazing and I feel so confident and good about selling now which is just amazing!”
Indiana Christofferson
Money Mindset Coach
PLUS every month you’ll benefit from my expert team to support you to get out of your own ay and follow through on what you say you’re going to do!

Messaging coach & Copywriting Expert
Patrice Gibbons

Patrice Gibbons is a Messaging Coach and Copywriting Expert, renowned for her ability to help clients unearth the gold nuggets in their stories and transform them into delicious sentences that convert leads into customers.

Beyond her role as a Messaging Coach, Patrice has excelled as a journalist working for the esteemed likes of The Australian Financial Review, Business Review Weekly and Professional Advisor Magazine in London where she crafted her copywriting skills to explain complex and boring things into copy that was engaging and easy to understand!

With over 23 years of imparting insider secrets and the rules of copywriting, brand messaging, and content creation, Patrice guides entrepreneurs and business owners, with passion, to find the perfect words that make a lasting impression.

Twice a month she will share her powerful copywriting techniques and exercises to help you develop your skill set around Magnetic Messaging through done-with-you practical workshops. This means you’ll put things into practice on the spot so you can get your messaging out there faster across all your platforms and start attracting new “Heck Yes” clients!

Accountability & Connection Sessions with
Sam Ferres

Sam Ferres is a Confidence Coach, Author,
and Rapid Transformational Therapist for service-based entrepreneurs. 

A former client who has personally implemented the strategies from Magnetic Selling first hand, Sam now supports other women to hit their first $20k months by breaking through self-doubt, smashing their income ceilings, and showing up unapologetically as an industry leader so they can make a massive impact on the world.

Twice a month she will host Accountability and Connection sessions with the sole focus of supporting you to get sh*t done; boosting your confidence to put the strategies into practice and access tools to help you step from the shadows into the spotlight.

Mindset & Energetics Mentor with
Holly Loxton

Holly Loxton mentors visionary entrepreneurs to upgrade and align with the highest version of themselves. She weaves her innate understanding of the human body, mind, and spirit to completely reprogram the conscious and subconscious, unlocking the code for her clients to truly live an extraordinary life.

With numerous modalities such as Integrated Trauma Therapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP in her toolkit, her gift lies in locating and dissolving the internal blocks and self-sabotage that are holding you back in your business.

Twice a month she will share her powerful subconscious re-writing techniques and exercises to help you create the neural pathways that will open up opportunities you can’t even comprehend just yet! We’re doing things Hot Seat style so that you can leave each session, feeling like you are levelling up and reaching your higher self before you know it!

And if that wasn’t enough,


Word for Word Magnetic Sales Call Guide

Never again stutter or under-sell yourself when you get to the pitch. Access my step by step guide as a handy reference tool to feel truly magnetic (and authentic) in any sales conversation.

Value: $1497

Sales Page Guide

Save hours of time (and your sanity) with this step by step sales page guide to help you attract sign-up-in-a-heartbeat sales

Note - This guide is based upon the buyer psychology insights from the Persuasion Audit Tool gleaned from over 10,000 launches!

Value: $1497

Bonus Behind The Scenes Masterclass

Behind the scenes of a $78k cash month - how I celebrated a 6 figure launch from a $47 offer

You’ll learn exactly what I did that made all the difference to apply to your own business

Value: $597

50 ways to write benefit-driven sales bullets

(the #1 copywriting skill)

Take all the guesswork out of writing compelling copy that converts with these 50 plug and play sales bullet templates created by leading copywriter Eve John, whose words (and bullets) have helped her clients make over half a billion dollars in sales.

Meaning you’ll always have a practical,
proven “how-to” to help you implement and see results

“I went from confused, lacking clarity and not showing up consistently to falling in love with my business again, connecting with hundreds of ideal clients (sometimes on a daily basis) and hitting my first $20k month.

The work I did with Holly was at a completely different level. I'd spent lots of money and a lot of time with other coaches trying to get clarity around my niche and messaging but hadn't succeeded.

Holly helped me to pull out the really core, important messages to resonate with my ideal clients and my audience. And she helped me create these amazing elevator pitches and my signature program, as well as clarify my niche.

You don't have anything to lose by signing up and working with Holly. She's got these incredible tools. She's a lovely down-to-earth person, she's really driven and she provides support and follow up and I think that's missing from a lot of other coaches.”
Sam Ferres
Confidence Coach & RTT Therapist

Here’s a  recap  of exactly what’s included when you join Magnetic Selling:

TOTAL VALUE = $83,776

Pay in Full

$4997 USD*

6 Month Payment Plan

One payment of $997 USD* followed by
5 monthly payments of
$750 USD*

12 Month Payment Plan

One payment of $997 USD* followed by
9 monthly payments of
$580 USD*


Join before December 13th,
and you'll also benefit from the following to ensure you get an incredible start:

More Personalised Support

A strategy one-pager for your business to give you a fast start in 2024 (created by Holly)

Value: $1500

More Time & Space

A bonus month of access to the content, calls and community

Value: $997

More Empowerment

Join a 30 day Magnetic Sales Activation Challenge starting in January hosted by Gemma & Sam to spark insane flow, inspiration & action-taking through accountability; nervous system regulation & subconscious rewiring

Value: $497

Join Leading Instagram Expert and 7 Figure Coach Monique Forcella (known as “The Socialista”) for an incredible workshop on how to Monetise Your Sales on Instagram with juicy practical tools and behind the scenes of what is working RIGHT NOW to cut through the online noise and make more sales!

Wow-Factor Website Messaging – Join Patrice Gibbons, CopyWriter and Messaging Expert who will show you exactly how to create stand out copy that captures your audience’s attention to blow up your list and bottom line!

Access  exclusive bonuses worth $2994 
to help you call in clients now


Pay in Full

$4997 USD*

6 Month Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of
$997 USD*

12 Month Payment Plan

12 monthly payments of
$550 USD*

Ready to make more
no-brainer sales in your business?

Yes, I’m Curious about Joining the No Brainer Sales Club and Would Love to Apply!

*Australian residents will pay GST.  

“One of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business”

I joined Magnetic Selling because a client of mine raved about Holly (she wasn’t wrong)! And because I wanted to grow a business that didn’t rely so heavily on referrals

In just 8 weeks of implementing changes to my content following Holly’s teachings I saw over 600% increase in engagement and reach which has since translated into sales from new, ideal clients who didn’t know me before - so exciting!

I can’t praise Holly highly enough - she over-delivers against my expectations at every step - the calls, the energy, the teachings are so clear and super digestible

The community is amazing - such an awesome group of people and a really great, cheerleading vibe

Holly and her team have thought through every aspect of the customer journey and it is an absolute joy working with her

If you’re thinking of working with her - JUMP at the chance”
Emily Dolton
Facebook Ads Strategist
“For the first time in the 4 years since starting my business, I am receiving DMs from soul aligned clients wanting to work with me, as well as multiple speaking opportunities.

Holly guided me to own my new niche and message and be laser focused while still honouring my multi-passionate brain (and heart!)

I love her approach in making your content so clear and aligned that your ideal clients come to you asking how to work with you. I really consider meeting her and working with her a blessing”
Houda AzzaOui
Money Harmoney Coach
“After working with Holly I understood why I’d had challenges selling my high ticket offer in the past.

Once I applied what I’d learned and relaunched it I sold 2 immediately without even publicly sharing it!

Whenever I lose track of what I need to do in order to grow my business, I come back to the principles I learnt from Holly and it immediately gives me an effective framework where I can show up authentically. I'm now clear on what the different pieces are of the sales jigsaw and no longer “post and hope”

Helen Hardware
Spiritual Coach & Hypnotherapist

Let's be real….. the value of this is huge.

If you were to individually hire the experts you will learn from during this program and benefit from the copywriting support and done-for-you scripts and templates it would easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars.  After all, you can pay hundreds of dollars to a copywriter for just one email.

Whereas in this program you’ll learn the copywriting, messaging, positioning and sales skills to do it yourself, across every aspect of every launch.

These are the key skill-sets you need to create effortless sales, earn a true lifestyle income and have a long-term, sustainable business.

These are the skill-sets that enabled me to create a part-time, multi-six figure business without tons of fancy tactics or paid advertising.

And I will forever be grateful that I have been able to create a business that supports my lifestyle, and helps me to be there for the moments that matter with my girls.


Having financial freedom meant everything when my youngest, Olivia was born with a number of health challenges during the height of lockdown. 

I’m passionate about empowering other entrepreneurs with these skills, AND ensuring that a positive, ripple effect can be created worldwide when they share their brilliance without limits.


No other program of this kind benefits from the insights from the Persuasion Audit tool with the proven sales strategies behind a multi-six figure, part time business with so much live coaching access AND with the done-for-you and done-with you resources

“I was able to sell out 2 offers without even publicly launching.

Holly taught me how to be really specific in my messaging and therefore magnetic to my ideal audience

I love the community - we all support each other and it’s great to have an accountability partner - Magnetic Selling is absolutely FANTASTIC - thank you Holly!”
Kath McIntyre
Video Strategist
“I now have people regularly signing up to my programs without even having to do sales calls.

Before working with Holly, I lacked confidence in myself and as a result this showed up in my marketing & online presence. I was struggling to narrow down my area of expertise, trying to market to everyone and anyone, and lacked systems and structure.

Thanks to Magnetic Selling I’ve been able to come up with clear messaging and marketing that feels good and resonates so well with prospects.

It’s such a breath of fresh air to feel empowered that I can run my business in a way that feels good to me especially as a busy Mum of 3.

The connections I’ve made within this group have been incredible.”
Sarah Moss
Holistic Health Coach

So, are you ready to magnetise dream clients and create authentic, effortless sales?

Here’s a  recap  of exactly what’s included when you join Magnetic Selling:

TOTAL VALUE = $83,776

Pay in Full

$4997 USD*

6 Month Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of
$997 USD*

12 Month Payment Plan

12 monthly payments of
$550 USD*

Ready to make more
no-brainer sales in your business?

Yes, I’m Curious about Joining the No Brainer Sales Club and Would Love to Apply!

*Australian residents will pay GST.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s answer all those questions swirling around your head

I’m personally over joining programs where the calls are only ever at 3am my time!  We will be rotating calls to accommodate world-wide time zones to ensure that everyone has opportunities to access the calls live.  All calls will be recorded so if there is one you can’t make you’ll still have the replay.  

The call schedule for Holly MacCue will rotate between:
  • Tuesdays at 09:00am AEST  / 19:00pm EDT / 16:00pm PDT / 23:00pm GMT (Keep in mind this means Mondays for time zones other than AEST)
  • Tuesdays at 07:30pm AEST / 05:30am EDT / 02:30am PDT / 09:30am GMT
The call schedule for Holly Loxton will rotate between:
  • Every second Wednesday of the month at 15:00pm AWST / 18:00pm AEDT / 07:00am GMT
  • Every fourth Wednesday of the month at 07:00am AWST / 10:00am AEDT / 18:00pm ET / 15:00pm PT
The call schedule for Patrice Gibbons will rotate between alternate Thursdays of each month at:
  • 10:00am AEDT / 18:00pm ET / 15:00pm PT
  • 20:00pm AEDT / 09:00am GMT
The call schedule for Sam Ferres will rotate between alternate Wednesdays of each month at:
  • 09:00am AEDT / 17:00pm ET / 14:00pm PT
  • 19:00pm AEDT / 08:00pm GMT


To access the full call schedule click here

This program will be a combination of 1) pre-recorded, step by step video trainings and resources (including worksheets, scripts, templates, case studies, cheatsheets, and access to behind the scenes content from my business such as email sequences and social media content posts); 2) Live 90 min Q&A Workshops with Holly via Zoom; 3) Access to the Private Facebook Group.

This has been designed for service-based entrepreneurs who are already working with paying clients but desire to create more consistent sales more effortlessly and with more authenticity.  The skillset you will learnwill be highly beneficial no matter what stage of business you are at.  You will learn the essential foundations needed to ensure your sales calls and pitches are set up for success to have the highest conversion rates.

Most importantly, it is for people who are ready to make changes, are open and receptive to learning new strategies and approaches and are willing to take action.

This program will set you up with the foundational skills of how to sell in your business which will serve you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

There are a few fundamentals that need to be in place in order for selling to feel effortless – notably your niche, a clear message and an irresistible offer. This is covered in the Sales Foundations Masterclasses in Pillar 1, with the emphasis of the program overall focused on sales skills.

Alongside the training sessions and live calls you will access multiple examples of how to implement the strategies – including behind the scenes examples of what Holly and her clients have done in their own businesses that have led to sales. This might include but is not limited to: 

Example proposal documents; social media interactions; DM conversations, email sequences; sales pages etc.

There will also be templates to support you to write your own sales page and about pages; email sequences; a guide on creating benefit statements (with 50 sales bullet structures to choose from) and social media templates to help you create compelling content and copy.

There will be multiple opportunities to receive personalised feedback and direction throughout the 6 months experience via the live calls, the monthly group challenges, and the Facebook group where you have the opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom of all the other entrepreneurs in the program.

During the 6 months you’ll have the opportunity to get a hot-seat on 18 live calls with Holly (12 live calls with Holly Loxton, 12 live calls with Sam Ferres, and 12 live calls with Patrice Gibbons ) for personalised 1-1 feedback, direction and support.  There are no 1-1 calls as all live calls take place with the rest of the group.

All calls will be recorded and you will have access to the replays – so you won’t miss out on anything.  You will have a chance to submit questions for Holly MacCue to answer on these calls even if you cannot attend live.

We recommend dedicating approx 3-5 hours per week to go through the Magnetic Selling content and implement the learning as you go so that you can get the very best results within the 6 month timeframe. The resources have been intentionally designed to help you put everything into practice right away.  As with anything, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out, and the faster your results will be.

What happens at the end of the 6 months?

If you wish to renew your membership in the group for an additional 6 months you will have the opportunity to do this and lock in the price point that you joined at (even if this has increased since).  If you do not wish to continue your access to the live calls, all content and Facebook group will cease.

If your business is going through a transition or you wish to create and launch new offers then you will have access to all the step by step support you will need to do this and create irresistible offers from the get-go instead of having to learn through mistakes, trial and error 🙂 

 You’ll access step by step masterclasses to help you create any offer from start to finish

The testimonials on this page are a fantastic indication of the types of results clients have achieved using the strategies you will learn in this program, and which are possible for you too. A few examples include: 

  • Being able to shift from full time in their 9-5 to part time and then replacing their part time income with their side-hustle due to the number of new sales and retainer clients they were able to sign up
  • Being able to hit $10k months within the first year of starting their business as a single mum to two young kids
  • Being able to hit $20k months in a part time business whilst juggling a family
  • Being able to hit a £30,000 month with an existing program from refining the messaging and marketing
  • Being able to 10x their quarterly income
  • Growing their business +50% during Covid despite targeting bricks and mortar businesses 
  • Using Magnetic Selling to officially launch their business and land their first high-ticket client which covered the investment of the program
  • Launching their first pilot program and having 100% repeat rate for the next one

This will completely depend on how fast you implement the strategies, and of course may also be influenced by what stage of business you are at and what you already have in place.  In the first year of Magnetic Selling (when the program was only 8 weeks long vs 6 months) people saw results within a couple of weeks, and even brand new start-ups had paid off their full investment by the end of the program.  Holly MacCue International cannot guarantee specific results.

You can simply drop an email to [email protected] or DM Holly M. on Instagram @hollymaccue or on Facebook where she will personally respond to your questions

Change of mind

3.1 There is no refund for a change of mind for any Program referred to in this Agreement.

3.2 You remain liable for the remainder of the Program fee regardless of whether you paid in full or by payment plan and regardless of whether or not you complete the full program. (Please see Refund Management for reasons other than a change of mind below).

Magnetic Selling Refund Policy

3.3 To be considered for a refund for your program purchase, for any other reason other than a change of mind, you must submit a written request for a refund within 30 days from the commencement of the Program outlining where the advertised service inclusions of the Program have not been delivered.

3.4 The inability to attend live calls is not an acceptable reason to request a refund.

3.5 Refund requests submitted after 30 days will not be considered.

3.6 Upon receiving your approved refund, you understand and agree that you will not be able to rejoin any Programs by Holly MacCue in the future.

Refund Management (other than for change of mind)

You understand and agree:

3.7 Your commitment to your success and completion of your selected Program is required to gain maximum results from the Program.

3.8 Except for refund terms stated in 3.3 above for the Magnetic Selling Program, refund requests will be managed according to our obligations and your rights as a consumer under Australian Consumer Law.

3.9 Refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

3.10 Where your payment method is via a payment plan and a refund is approved, administrative costs (US$120) will be calculated and deducted from the total fees owing to Holly MacCue.

3.11 You will remain liable for the balance of the payment owed to Holly MacCue.

3.12 Failure to pay at any time is a breach of this Agreement, and we are entitled to seek legal relief and remedy for this breach and recover the debt you owe.

3.13 Outstanding accounts will be referred to a third party for debt collection.

Are you in?

Here’s a  recap  of exactly what’s included when you join Magnetic Selling:

TOTAL VALUE = $83,776

Pay in Full

$4997 USD*

6 Month Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of
$997 USD*

12 Month Payment Plan

12 monthly payments of
$550 USD*

Ready to make more
no-brainer sales in your business?

Yes, I’m Curious about Joining the No Brainer Sales Club and Would Love to Apply!

*Australian residents will pay GST.  

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