Free Masterclass

The Clicks Into Clients Formula

The 5 Psych Based Triggers to embed in your content to attract ready to buy, ideal clients


Free Masterclass

The Clicks Into Clients Formula

The 5 Psych Based Triggers to embed in your content to attract ready to buy, ideal clients


“If you’re looking for an expert on sales and messaging, look no further than Holly MacCue.

She’s exceptional at creating relevancy in messaging (one of the best I’ve seen, and I don’t give personal endorsements very often).”

— Scott Oldford, 8 figure business mentor

If you want to...

Create a freedom-based, scalable online business then you cannot rely solely on referrals and word of mouth – your content MUST be able to magnetise perfect-match clients into your offers
(without you even being on your laptop).

And here lies the challenge – what makes all the difference between content that gets clicks, likes and a thumbs up…

Versus content that attracts ideal, ready to buy clients (who may have been a complete stranger just 24 hours beforehand)?

*Spoiler alert – it has nothing to do with trending audios or magical unicorn posting templates

“Within hours of me implementing these teachings I could see the shift in reach and engagement leading to DMs and sales. 

It’s a no-brainer to sign up to this masterclass with Holly

Kass Robinson, Trauma Counsellor, Coach + Mentor

In this free, 60 min masterclass Holly will share:

“I received more in this free masterclass than other masterclasses I have paid for.

Pure GOLD! There were so many golden nuggets to help with engagement and converting more clients in my business.

I highly recommend it for anyone with an online business.

Holly is passionate and truly gifted in what she does!

Cheryl Kasper, Therapist and Energy Healer

“I’ve never experienced this type of value from a free class before!

I was able to immediately apply a different approach and saw my engagement increase massively on my tiktok account.

I have since gained loads of new followers and DM’s from ideal clients, and most recently I booked 10 discovery calls from ONE post.

You cannot lose when signing up to this Masterclass.Thank you Holly, you are an inspiration and have such a wealth of knowledge!”

April Ames, Dating & Relationship Coach

If we haven’t met before,

Hi, I’m Holly

I’m a Sales and Messaging Strategist for service-based entrepreneurs running a multi-six figure business one-handed around a 3 and 5 year old.

I’m a Professional Certified Coach with a decade of experience working as a marketing strategist for global brands at corporations like Unilever and Procter & Gamble where I led the strategy for a $200 million dollar portfolio.

Today I help service-based entrepreneurs to own their brilliance, nail their positioning and master their messaging so they can be seen as the no-brainer choice for their ideal clients and attract ready to buy, ideal clients.

My clients have been able to double their prices, quadruple their monthly targets, grow to multiple six figures in 12 months, sell out their first launches and 10x their quarterly revenue using the strategies I teach.

Holly’s masterclass is hands on heart the best I have ever attended!

I got more eyes on my content as soon as I implemented what she taught us!  She teaches practical tools – no fluff that you can immediately use to get results in your business.

Thank you Holly!!!”

Erika Simon-Augustyn, Parenting Mentor

“Holly’s masterclass delivers so much value and is worth every second of your time.

I have already started to take action and with just one reel I DOUBLED my views amongst my ideal audience using Holly’s tips.  

I have attended so many free classes that are so fluffy and don’t give you actual information to implement, leaving you wishing you hadn’t turned up.  But this is NOT the case for Holly – the information shared is SO valuable

— Alyce Garth, Nutritionist

The Clicks Into Clients Formula


Once you sign up you’ll get instant access to the video recording of the live masterclass

Nope, I don’t do just theory 😉 In fact you’ll most likely find you’ll get more from this free masterclass than other paid content (as this is the feedback I get time and time again).  The masterclass is filled with practical strategies using real-life, real-time examples from mine and my client’s businesses so you can see exactly how they work in practice and the results you can expect.

Yes – I share all the details in the masterclass of how to access this.