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Before you go – if you want more clients from your content you first need to get them to STOP THE SCROLL and click through to your stuff in the first place

Which is why on this page only I’m sharing my secrets to doing just that in my popular Stop the Scroll Masterclass, and for a whopping 50% off!!


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Stop the Scroll


Master the magnetic hooks, headlines and messaging formulas that stop the scroll and attract pre-qualified, ready to buy clients

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Stop the Scroll


Master the magnetic hooks, headlines and messaging formulas that stop the scroll and attract pre-qualified, ready to buy clients

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“If you’re looking for an expert on sales and messaging, look no further than Holly MacCue.

She’s exceptional at creating relevancy in messaging (one of the best I’ve seen, and I don’t give personal endorsements very often).”

— Scott Oldford, 8 figure business mentor

“This was hands down one of the most valuable classes I have ever taken.

As a multi-seven figure business owner, I feel like I have been saying the same damn thing for years. I was looking for a fresh dose of inspiration to connect with my audience in a deeper way.

Holly helped me go from feeling like a broken record to feeling like a rockstar with simple and powerful messaging hooks.

— Laura Wieck, Multi 7 Figure Entrepreneur

You have a message that others need to hear…

Content that could change lives…

And a desire to make a genuine impact online

But unless you know how to hook attention in a way that stops the scroll,
no-one’s going to benefit

The reality is, the online space is crowded,

Filled with who shouts the loudest” contests on the daily,

Your people are literally bombarded by information 24/7…

So if you don’t know how to grab attention from the get-go, you risk:

😤 Pouring your heart and soul into creating endless social media posts (that no-one actually reads)

😤 Delivering spine-tingling, sock-popping genius in transformational Facebook lives (that no-one actually watches)

😤 Baring your soul in the most singularly life-changing emails detailing the most jaw-dropping moments from your personal story (that no-one actually opens)


It can be really disheartening

But the great news is that there is one simple but powerful shift that makes all the difference to stopping the scroll and attracting the attention of the exact people your content was meant for…

And that is knowing how to create a hold-the-phone, drop-everything,
cancel-all plans magnetic HOOK

Because the truth is most people won’t read past your headline…

(UNLESS it is giving them a damn good reason to)

Your opening literally determines your close
(and therefore the clients you do or don’t attract)

Yet most online business owners are not focussing anywhere near enough on this fact

But the reality is, if you want to magnetise ideal clients and create a successful, sustainable business online, you simply can’t afford not to

The Really Great


Is that once you’ve mastered how to create a magnetic hook that cuts through the crowd and gets the attention of your ideal clients, you don’t need to resort to desperate measures just to get noticed 😉

“This Masterclass seriously had better content than some entire online programs I have done!

The way Holly combines super nerdy science (which I love!) with actionable steps you can take immediately is incredible & you can tell she really cares about your success. 

I absolutely loved it – Holly is a one-of-a-kind coach that actually knows what she is doing! No fluff here! Highly recommend!

— Nicole Joy

“I’m blown away by the Stop the Scroll Masterclass.

This course was loaded with actionable tools to up-level my messaging immediately. The before and after examples along with Holly’s accompanying explanations and insights were super helpful. Holly held nothing back in this training and the bonuses are 🔥🔥🔥 too!

— Elizabeth Harris

If you’re not one for dancing on tables or on tiktok,
then you’re in good company because as an introvert with questionable rhythm that’s not me either…

Hey, I'm Holly

I’m a Sales and Messaging Strategist for service-based entrepreneurs, Mum of 2 under 6 and chai tea lover.

I’m a Professional Certified Coach with a decade of experience working as a marketing strategist for global brands at corporations like Unilever and Procter & Gamble where I led the strategy for a $200 million dollar portfolio.

Today I help service-based entrepreneurs to own their brilliance, nail their positioning and master their messaging so they can be seen as the no-brainer choice for their ideal clients and attract ready to buy, ideal clients.

My clients have been able to double their prices, quadruple their monthly targets, grow to multiple six figures in 12 months, sell out their first launches and 10x their quarterly revenue using the strategies I teach.

“I got way more clarity and ah-ha moments out of 2 hours with Holly’s masterclass, than I have with months of help from other coaches (at a fraction of the cost).

I was utterly blown away by how EASY Holly makes it. Not just an in the moment “wow what a good idea” kinda easy, but with a framework and system for being able to replicate it on my own!

I now know where I was going wrong with my headlines, how to catch people’s attention as they’re scrolling, what I need to do to engage my audience, and how to convert my audience into clients…. and how to make all this copywriting malarkey fun! 🤯

The bonus magnetic hooks pdf was worth the price in itself. Thank you Holly for another epic masterclass, you never fail to light up my creativity and save my sanity 😍

— Juliette Steer

“It’s rare that I come across something so instantly helpful and motivating.  Less than halfway through the training I put it on pause to go and get started!

So many ‘aha’ moments and insights already and Holly’s explanations make it so clear about what I need to change and why. Love it, thank you.😁

— Sarah Hill

Join me Live

in a 2 hour online workshop

(Yes, There will be a replay)!

Thursday 24th November  9.30-11.30am AEDT

Wednesday 23rd November 2.30pm PST/5.30pm EST

What you'll learn

The neuroscience behind “mic-drop messaging” that helps you to stop the scroll and hook attention (even in a crowded online space). Yep we’re gonna get nerdy 😉

The biggest messaging mistakes that means your content isn’t having the wow-factor cut-through it could have (and the simple, quick wins you can make to instantly address this with powerful results)

My signature 3 part messaging framework that helps you magnetise your ideal people and monetise your online presence (you’ll never create social media the same way again after this)

How to create magnetic hooks that make your content a must-read, must-open and must-watch (whether it’s an email subject line, a youtube video, podcast episode, instagram reel, FB live, social media post, landing page or anywhere else you’re communicating a message)


Get Real-life before and after client examples

showcasing messaging magic in action (and the results for their business)!


Never again wonder how to craft an opening one-liner that stops the scroll with these 77 different examples of hooks relevant to all industries

Access a *Magnetic Headlines How-To Guide with 20 of my favourite messaging structures

to help you craft powerful, stop the scroll openings across all of your content with ease

“Holly’s frameworks transformed my amateur wording and within a flash – (literally minutes) – turned it into a hum-dinger of an instagram bio!

For MONTHS I’ve been trying to find words to describe my artwork and how it relates to my ‘why’. I now have TONS of ideas and I won’t be shy about sharing my content and story anymore!  Thank you, Holly!

— Lorraine Field

“This Masterclass has taken me from hating social media content creation to overflowing with ideas and excitement to put it all into practice.

Holly really knows her stuff – she’s clear and concise with her teaching and makes you feel like she truly cares about your success. I now have actionable steps to instantly start implementing changes, and have clarity on what had before seemed so complicated and confusing. 

Samantha Frances

“I used to hate creating content, but now I’m ready to be more social than ever before! 

This Masterclass helped me to easily see what changes to make in my messaging. I highly recommend Holly!”

— Sofia Palika

What's included

Access to the replay of the 2 hour masterclass with Holly

with real life before and after client examples

VALUE $2000

A Worksheet to help you capture the gold from the masterclass

and workshop your own messaging magic


A Facebook Pop Up Group where you get to nerd out on this with me for a WHOLE WEEK

with a chance for personalised feedback, exclusive bonus content,
connection with like-minded entrepreneurs and epic prizes

VALUE $1000

Magnetic Hook Formulas Guide

which includes 77 different ways that you can create a magnetic hook in your messaging that stops the scroll and cuts through the online noise

VALUE $297

Magnetic Headlines How-To Guide with 20 of my favourite messaging structures

to help you craft powerful, stop the scroll openings across all of your content
(without throwing your laptop out the window)


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“After just 2 hours watching this workshop, I was already crafting hooky titles with confidence.

After 27+ years of training, experience, and a consistent success track record with clients around the world, I still felt like a “best kept secret”. Emails unopened, posts unread, podcasts unheard… it was as if I were writing beautiful love letters that got tossed onto the kitchen table and swept into the garbage with the grocery store ads. 

I loved the abundance of Before and After examples of what does and does not work; and the workbook with 77 prompts is GOLD.   If you’re tired of putting your brilliance “out there” only to have it swallowed up in the ocean of social media noise, you can’t afford not to do this.”

— Sonia Miller

“Wow, did this masterclass deliver.

I now have actionable ideas for how to make my profile and content more attractive.  What I paid is a small fraction of what this knowledge is worth for me,  especially in the early days of my business. 

Thank you Holly, you are truly a master of your craft and generously sharing it with the world.

Sarah Joy Adji

“I discovered the phenomenal Holly via another brilliant business soul. Geez am I grateful. The workshop provided such practical, clear, useful and easy to instantly apply skills.

These skills have creatively ignited my heart and mind, helping me to transform my business offerings and given me so much clarity around my niche and clients. 

Initially, I was cautious about spending the money on the workshop., but beyond grateful my inner cheerleader told me to do it. I know the skills and information Holly provided will see me get that money back quickly, easily, and from a place of joy.

— Jessie Paterson

Frequently Asked Questions

This is relevant to any online business owner looking to create more cut-through and traction with their content and the skills I am teaching will be valuable for any stage of business

Once you register you will get instant access to the replay recording of the 2 hour masterclass, meaning you can dive in immediately to start learning how you can improve your messaging online to grow your business.  You will also get instant access to the workbook and the Magnetic Hook Formulas pdf guide to support you to put the strategies into practice

Once you are registered you will have access for the lifetime of this program

No, this is a self-study program that has been designed to support you to easily access powerful strategies and implement them in your business right away.  However, if you would love to supplement this training with personalised feedback from Holly you can view all the ways to work with her at www.hollymaccue.com or complete this short coaching enquiry form and she will personally get back to you with the options relevant to your desired outcomes.

“The content of this course was absolutely golden, delivered in a fun, easy to implement manner.

 I am setting up a new Instagram Account for my art business and Holly’s advice is invaluable.

— Tracy Whiteley

“Initially when I joined Holly’s masterclass, I thought it was going to be “just another webinar”, but I was blown away by the amount of information and detail in it. 

I was able to see exactly where I was going wrong and where I need to tweak my content. I really left with a lot of insight and am excited to start implementing what I learned. Thank you!

Preeti Mistry

“I am so glad I joined Holly’s Stop the Scroll masterclass!!

There was so much good info and so many actionable items that I can’t wait to implement! 

I think this is going to make all the difference for me in my new offers!!

— Susan McGrath Romito

P.S this isn't any ordinary masterclass.

See what people say about what it’s like working with me

“The knowledge Holly shares is worth so much more than the investment to work with her

I believe in doing work right the first time and her ethos of “work smarter not harder” fits right in with my reduced energy capacity as a chronically ill businesswoman. 

I also adore Holly’s vibe! She is personable and has a good sense of humour. Holly is very relatable and is not afraid to share her own mistakes. 

Instead of pressuring you to be fiercely competitive with others, Holly encourages you to be the best entrepreneur you can be. The “Stop the Scroll” masterclass was all of this and more. Thank you Holly!

— Bella Jasmin