I’ll show you how to magnetise ideal clients and create effortless sales in your service based business without paid ads or fancy-pants funnels


Truth is,
it's supposed to be

But it’s all just feeling
like a helluva lot of hard work  

"Holly is the best business coach I have ever worked with - thanks to her strategies I am closing sales calls up to 100% and am booked out up to 6 weeks in advance - It's crazy!"
Jade Rice
Paediatric Sleep Quality Practitioner
"Holly's strategies are a must have for any entrepreneur that wants to be seen as the industry go-to and attract their ideal customers with ease."

John Lee Dumas
Founder & Host at EoFire

You know you’re amazing at what you do and create real results for your clients, but maybe right now

Above all, you just want to finally get paid what you deserve, to do what you love (without needing an MBA in marketing)

The missing link that is holding you back is knowing how to package up your brilliance in a way that makes you the no-brainer choice to your audience

Because when you’re seen as the go-to in your industry:


Price objections fall by the wayside


Perfect match clients reach out to you and sell themselves into your programs


You can spend less time on fancy tactics and more time in your zones of brilliance creating, contributing and impacting

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“I loved that Holly is not salesy, or about the bells and whistles, just the things that actually work.

I decided to do this workshop because I needed some help in my business and Holly’s down to earth, non-salesy approach was basically the deciding factor. I now really have a lot more clarity around how to communicate my value and position myself better and I’m so grateful for that. Holly is very intuitive and also just really pleasant to work with. I’m really happy I did this and would definitely recommend to others!”

Ralph Slond
I’m seeing results in the space of just 2 days. Holly is one of the best coaches that I've worked with - she really does understand how to monetize your magic! I've done lots of trainings to date, but it's only when I did monetize your magic, that I really understood how to create messaging that’s irresistible and attractive to my ideal audience. Holly breaks things down into manageable steps, but she also gives really great examples that you can use to understand how to apply what you're learning to your specific business context. I would highly recommend this workshop, and if you're thinking about signing up for this or any other of Holly’s trainings, I would say don't hesitate - just do it!
Helen Hardware
“Holly’s program completely transformed my life - I was scared to take the leap as I was in the middle of a divorce with two young kids but now I’m at $10k months. Holly is the greatest coach that you can have by your side - she knows what it’s like to be a parent and still make your business work for you”
Kristen Edwards
Leadership Consultant
"Holly has a gift for seeing what I can’t see myself. She so clearly articulated who my ideal client is and how to talk to them and she does it with style! She helped me nail my messaging unlike other coaches I had tried before, and she made it fun in the process"

Amanda Ewin
Life Coach

The big fat challenge is there are so many different strategies
and tactics being thrown around online

Every day someone new is telling you about “the next secret weapon” to scale to six or multi-six figures and beyond, leaving you overwhelmed (and over it).

But the real secret?

It’s not about the latest social media fad or soul-sucking hard-sell tactic

It’s about understanding the buyer psychology insights behind what it really takes to have someone say YES and sign up in a heartbeat

It’s connecting deeper, not broader when it comes to your audience

It’s about tapping into the strategy that aligns with you, your message, your calling and your business

It’s about knowing how to speak your truth authentically and in a way that magnetises ideal clients without you even having to promote a thing 

It’s unlocking the billion-dollar brand secrets of what it takes to create a relevant, rock-solid foundation that stands the test of time (and outlasts any social media fad)

Simply put, it’s about honouring your gifts
in a way that monetises your magic

Because when you know how this works, you can magnetise ideal clients without needing a gazillion different marketing strategies or 20 part email sequence

Ideal clients who show up on sales calls
already knowing they want to work with you


Get instant access to the workshop for just $97
“Our success using Holly’s strategies was nothing short of remarkable. We grew +50% at a time when many other businesses were contracting during the Pandemic”
Dr. Jay LaGuardia
Business Consultant
“Holly is the messaging Queen! She makes it look easy and effortless - and that’s how sales should be”

Claire Pemberton

The feedback from the live Monetise Your Magic Workshop event was off the charts and I've had so many requests for access to the replays that I've decided to make these available for a very limited time only

"Not only is Holly just extremely brilliant at what she does, but she has a way of packaging information to make it really easy to digest, which I really appreciate it because messaging and clarity is kind of a huge thing with a lot of scope to it. I was absolutely pretty much first in line to book a call with her afterwards because I could just tell, she knows she knows what she's doing and if you ever have a chance to work with Holly, you should absolutely do it - she's just an incredible person and a fantastic, fantastic coach”

Jess Keating
“Easily worth 10 times the price - I’m blown away by what I got out of this!I signed up the because I'm at a stage in my business where I am changing the focus slightly and I want to get the message out in a way that's more effective. The workshop is spectacular. Holly's presentation style and her whole approach is just superbly simple and wonderfully heart-centred, down to earth and relatable at the same time which really works for me. I just love how her methods also are just so simple, powerful and explained in a way that is so easy to apply (no fancy pants funnels as she puts it)!"
Gretel Khan
“One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.

As soon as I saw the details about the Monetize your Magic Workshop, I knew that I had to be involved. Holly's workshops are always packed full of information and I always improve my skills working with her and therefore my business.

The price for the workshop was amazing considering the amount of value, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone”.
Megan Tijani
This workshop will change lives. I give it a 10 out of 5 - absolutely game-changing! I walked away with so much value compared to what I paid.
I now have the clarity I was lacking, and am equipped with all the tools and techniques to develop the business I’ve always dreamed of having. Holly is so authentic, inspiring, supportive and funny. She’s just such a beautiful human and is so full of wisdom. I’m so grateful for her and for what this workshop has given me”
Dannie French


If we haven’t met, I’m Holly and I’m all about making things feel aligned, effortless and fun (it’s really the only way I can run my multi six figure business one handed around my babies)

I’m a Sales and Messaging Coach, Professional Certified Coach and Certified Master Persuader

I have a decade of experience working as a marketing strategist for global brands at corporations like Unilever and Procter & Gamble where I led the strategy for a $200 million dollar portfolio 

Today I help service-based entrepreneurs to own their brilliance, nail their positioning and master their messaging so they can be seen as the no-brainer choice for their ideal clients and get paid what they deserve to do what they love

My clients have been able to double their prices, quadruple their monthly targets, grow their businesses +50% during Covid, sell out their first launches and 10x their quarterly revenue using the strategies I teach

“I was able to 10x my quarterly revenue and am now a sought after speaker in my niche getting booked out with waitlists”
Emily Foley
Instagram Strategist
“I banked $7k of work within 1 week with zero social media presence. Working with Holly has been the best business decision I have made”
Laura Chappell
Coach For At Risk Teens

In this 3 day online workshop

I’ll show you how to:

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Get instant access to the workshop for just $97
“I’ve personally signed up for so many courses and Holly has been the best because she has a vested interest in her students and really cares. She very gently cracked the whip and helped me push through many marketing and selling barriers that have been holding me back for so long”

Najma Khan
Profit First Accountant
"Holly MacCue is the Queen of Sales - she helped me bank $8,500 in 30 days and there’s just no way I could have done this without her support. Her content is gold and she’s head and shoulders above every other coach I’ve worked with. Plus, she’s a good laugh too 🙂 "

Elaine Benson
Rapid Change Coach
“If you want to cut to the chase and get the most targeted information for marketing your business and your offer, I highly recommend working with Holly! After one session with her, I closed my 1st client in a brand new program the next day!”

Erica Dawn Appenzeller
"Holly is a messaging wizard. She gets under the skin of your target audience and finds words to appeal to them in a way that makes your services a no-brainer purchase - she’s basically the service-based business messaging unicorn you didn’t know you needed.”
Danielle Said
Career Coach

What's included?

In the recording of this workshop I’m lifting the lid on my best strategies so that in just 3 days you’ll know exactly what you need to create effortless sales without paid ads

Here’s what the schedule will look like (but as it’s pre-recorded you can go at your own pace or binge-watch to your heart’s content)!

Day One

Magnetic Positioning 
(Value $597)

How to get laser-focussed in your targeting and positioning so you can be seen as a go-to expert in your space, and build a powerhouse personal brand that lands authority building opportunities in your lap

Day Two

Magnetic Messaging  
(Value $597)

Discover what makes a message magnetic and how to create must-watch, stop-the-scroll content that connects you to ideal, premium clients ready to invest so you can make high ticket sales without paid ads

Day Three

Magnetic Offers  
(Value $597)

Learn the little-known “mission criticals” of highly converting magnetic offers that cement your credibility, and help you get paid what you deserve to do what you love

In Day One I Cover:

  • My Signature Monetise Your Magic Method – the 5 focus areas you need to be obsessed with to create effortless sales without paid ads
  • How to own your brilliance so you can bust through your visibility blocks and make it easy for the right people to find you
  • The Must-Haves of a Magnetic Positioning that paves the way for perfect-match clients to show up in your inbox
  • The 5 Things You Must Know About Your Audience to welcome in pants-on-fire ready to buy clients (hint- most entrepreneurs only focus on 3 of these at most)
  • How to be seen as a specialist (not a dime-a-dozen generalist) without pigeon-holing yourself working with the same group of people till kingdom come
  • The 5 Keys to Creating A Powerhouse Personal Brand so you can stand out, cut through, and be seen as an authority (in a way that feels good and sounds like you)
In Day Two I Cover:
  • The biggest messaging mistakes to avoid (so you never again have to deal with the lonely hum of crickets online)
  • The Must-Haves of a Magnetic Message (with eye-popping examples that show how easy and fun it is to bring these to life)
  • How to Create Your Magnetic Intro so you can create a killer first impression in every elevator pitch (then watch ideal clients line up asking how they can work with you)
  • What makes Content Magnetic and how to stop-the-scroll and create a following of ideal clients ready to buy
  • The 6 must-have pieces of content you need in every launch to be seen as a no-brainer go-to and get a slam-dunk-yes when you pitch
  • Real-time examples from my own business where I breakdown exactly how I structure a social media post to skyrocket engagement and sales

In Day Three I Cover:

  • What people are actually buying (and why most entrepreneurs are selling the wrong thing)
  • The Buyer Psychology behind a yes – I’ll spill all the secrets behind what it really takes to get a “sign-up-in-a-heartbeat” yes
  • The number one thing you need in your offers that is crucial to you being seen as an indisputable authority in your niche
  • The 5 Must-Haves of a Magnetic Offer – (these are the exact strategies I use that lead to 6 figure launches, and helped one client recently to land a $40k month)
  • How to Create Your Irresistible Offer Promise – if you don’t know how to powerfully describe the value of your offers, you simply won’t sell them. I’ll share my proven plug-and-play formula to intro with impact (plus you’ll access real-life examples from mine and my client’s businesses for reference)
  • Magnetic Marketing – how to connect to your ideal clients in a way that surpasses sales and instead leads to life-long advocacy, loyalty and word of mouth
  • The 5 marketing strategies to be obsessed with if you wish to create a thriving business without paid advertising (even if you have a small list or hate social media
"Absolutely mind-blowing. Holly has a gift of helping you understand things at a deeper, subconscious level where they finally click. Compared to other workshops this has been one of the best I have ever experienced - she really over-delivers for the investment".

Analena Fuchs
"This workshop will change lives. I give it a 10 out of 5 - absolutely game-changing! I walked away with so much value compared to what I paid. I now have the clarity I was lacking, and am equipped with all the tools and techniques to develop the business I’ve always dreamed of having. Holly is so authentic, inspiring, supportive and funny."
Dannie French

Get instant access for $97


“I went from hearing crickets to increasing my revenue by +1000%”

From the moment I began working with Holly she hit the nail on the head with what I was missing in my business - she’s like a mind reader! Holly’s strategies are by far the most practical, and they work! She has not only helped make my business so much more profitable, but she’s also the most caring coach I’ve ever worked with”.
Heidi Young
Child Allergy Specialist and CPR Trainer
“I hit 5 figure months and had more clients than I could handle”

Coming from the design industry I had little sales and marketing knowledge and I had few networks to fall back on having just moved from South Africa to Australia. The strategies I learned with Holly helped me grow my business even during a global Pandemic and now I’m getting more enquiries than I can handle.
Jess Homer
Property Renovation Consultant


Once you sign up you’ll get instant access to the training portal and the workshop replay recordings. You’ll also access handy worksheets to support you to immediately implement what you learn to support your business.

The content Holly teaches in this workshop has been designed specifically for service based entrepreneurs who are already working with paying clients, but who would love for sales and marketing to feel more effortless, and to have more consistency with landing ideal, premium clients who pay what they are worth. 


Absolutely – Holly will be sharing the foundation of what every business needs to be sustainable and profitable.  You will get a massive head-start in your new business using these strategies from the get-go.


Holly has never previously shared her framework in this level of detail outside of her high-level paid programs.  The value, insights and direction you’ll get from a focussed 3-day immersion like this in a live setting with Holly is incomparable to any free content, and is a no-brainer at just $47 for what you’ll learn.  There is also a chance to ask your questions and get personalised feedback.  


Yes – these strategies work for any size of business or following and the best part is they don’t require a big audience or paid advertising to help you see real results.


You get access to the workshop replay recordings for the lifetime of the program

If you have tech-related questions about how to access the portal or the content please contact [email protected]

If you have questions relating to the strategies shared and how to use these in your business, you can post an #askholly question in Holly’s free group Empowered Entrepreneurs Connect & Inspire, or if you’re looking for personalised support to implement the strategies in this workshop with direct feedback and mentorship from Holly, you are welcome to apply here

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